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California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, inc is working continuously to provide the mose advanced fertility treatments to patients in the Sacramento area and regions around Northern California. Over the years, numerous media outlets have covered stories involving California IVF or the physicians. This page provides links to the various news outlets for direct viewing.

Baby Dance article on infertility with Dr. Zeringue fertility specialist Davis and Roseville California  

January 2010

The Baby Dance

Dr. Zeringue was quoted in an article about infertility problems and the impact they have on couples. The article is available online.

Jewish Voice Sacramento image PGD inherited genetic disorders  

October 2010

New genetic test gives hope to fertility patients.

Dr. Zeringue was interviewed by Elissa Provance for this article on PGD as an option for screening embryos for known inheritable disorders common to people of Jewish ancestry. Story on page 11.


Dr. Zeringue featured in the CAP/MPT Capsules Newsletter for members  

August 2010

Dr. Zeringue was featured in the August edition of CAPsules. The monthly newsletter is for CAP-MPT members. The full article is available to members at

KCRA interview with Dr. Zeringue discussing the breaking news on octuplets born in Southern California  

February 8, 2009

Dr. Zeringue was interviewed by KCRA 3 of Sacramento about the breaking news that the mother of octuplets had used in vitro fertilization (IVF) with 6 embryos transferred resulting in 8 babies.

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News 10 interview with Dr. Zeringue about ethical concerns with infertility treatment and IVF  

February 10, 2009

Dr. Zeringue participated in a live web broadcast discussing the latest news and ethical concerns about the octuplet mother, costs of infertility treatment, and ethical concerns surrounding the case.

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February 11, 2009

Dr. Zeringue participates on the Armstrong and Getty radio show on AM 650 KTSE

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Yuba City Racquet & Health Club Article

Yuba City Racquet and Health Club article on the EZ Diet


May 2007

Yuba City Racquet and Health Club ran a newsletter story about the EZ diet. The diet has been associated with significant weight loss and a noticeable increase in energy.


KCRA News 3


March 10, 2006

Second video segment by KCRA 3. The seminar was actually for all patients interested in losing weight, decreasing the risk of diseases, and improving overall health. There really isn't much controversy when you ask the countless women with success, but the media must keep the spin alive.

WESH 2 Orlando

KCRA 3 Sacramento

News story on infertility diet for PCOS patients


February 17, 2006

A nation wide news story circulates around the internet after Dr. Zeringue appears on KCRA 3 discussing a diet to help improve a woman's chance of conceiving. The fertility diet has been very popular for year.

A PDF version is also provided.




KCRA video segment following the presentation of the EZ infertility diet at the KCRA health expo in Sacramento. This news story created a lot of local interest and Dr. Zeringue conduced 3 free public seminars to teach people about dietary modification. During this video segment, the diet premise is revealed. The initial lecture was entitled "Elevated Insulin: A Modern Epidemic with a Dietary Cure"

The infertility diet, or EZ diet is made available to patients seen at California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc.


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